Who Are We?

Heidi Sequenz

Hit by the travel bug at an early age
My fascination with far away places was triggered by exotic images of Latin America on packets of coffee frequently purchased by my parents! This is where I wanted to go. An Adventurous Spirit as a child saw me fantasising of distant suns and untapped cultures.
Children in Austria in the early 1960s would get to dip their feet into the Mediterranean coast, if they were lucky! I wanted more.
These limitations were left behind as well as high school! I travelled with friends to Europe’s most northern point in an old VW Bus. It was the 1970s. Neither mosquitoes nor living on cheap canned food would diminish the experience. Life was good. No, it was great!

Early years at Vienna University frequently took me across the Atlantic. Working holidays in the US enabled me to explore the country. An adventurous time travelling on Greyhound buses left me with lifetime memories & an even greater passion to continue my ever growing need to explore this wonderful planet of ours!

Southeast Asia was calling, the 1970s had past and the 1980s now rolling in, I joined the backpacker brigade heading for Sri Lanka. The travel bug was here to stay as I look forward to a lifetime of travel and the Gypsy in me now fully exposed!

On a personal note
I teach English, History and Sport at a high-school in Vienna. I do teachers’ training and continuous education classes for adults.
And yes, there is another small addiction, politics: Green rules!

A Travel Aficionada?
I absolutely love Vienna. My river front apartment is where I call home and I truly appreciate Austria’s scenic beauty and cultural splendour, but an unquenchable curiosity for new and unknown lands keeps pulling me away. Travelling has taught me more than anything in life.
Fulfilling travel needs a few basic ingredients, foremost a general a trust in people and due respect for the host country and culture. Then things fall in place and you will be duly rewarded.
My travelling highlights include a trip around the world in 2007 - 2008.
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Gilles Barbier

It is never too late…
It was Heidi who got me hooked. A trip through Senegal in 2002 in a “Taxi Brousse” started it all! Now it is actually me who is doing the planning, always looking for places that are still not on the radar of main stream tourism...
Five weeks of vacations per year is all I got, not enough travel as much as I want. So in 2007 - 2008 a decision had to be made: I took a year of unpaid leave and we travelled Around The World, literally. One of the best decisions I ever took in my life!

On a personal note

Not that I never looked across the fence. After graduation from university in 1996, I left my hometown Paris to work in Germany for five year. Afterwards, I moved to Vienna, Austria, where I have lived for more than a decade now.
Right from the beginning of our relationship in 1998, travelling defined our lives. Though it was not the kind of travelling we wanted, commuting between Paris or Munich and Vienna.
I have been working in various positions in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Management with Xerox and now Canon for the past 10 years, selling major customers like banks, insurers and governmental organizations centralized & decentralized printing solutions as well as outsourcing solutions.
Before, I tried my luck in the Internet industry, during the great hype and the even greater crash, both of which I experienced, the most intense experience in my career! 

Travel Photography
While Heidi turned out to be the Travel Writer of us, I focus on Travel Photography. I must have taken about 100.000 pictures over the years. Several hundreds are now listed with one of the leading stock image agency, ImageBroker.com in Munich. If you are interested in our pictures, contact us directly or check with ImageBroker.com

Where to turn next?
Well, there are so many places to discover on this planet that an exhaustive list would be meaningless! Probably Benin and Burkina Fasso are favorites in Africa.
Equator remains the only country in Latin America we have not visited yet and of course we miss our other favourites Bolivia and Argentina. Friends also rave about Papua New Guinea…
And since we only have got one life, maybe another Round The World, who knows?